Great Ayton History Society

The Great Ayton History Society researches and records local history in the parishes of Great and Little Ayton. This information is made available to a wider audience through public presentations and exhibitions, guided walks and publications. The group meets alternate Wednesdays from 9:30am in the Friends’ Meeting House on High Green. There is no formal membership procedure (if you are interested just join us on any Wednesday) but we do have a constitution, officers and comprehensive insurance.

Great Ayton History
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Present Project: History of Great Ayton: Topics

Ayton in the context of Cleveland
Ayton family histories
Bricks and brickyards
Education and schools
Family histories
House History
Inns and brewing
Law and order
Leather tanning
Linen and weaving
Mills and milling

Motor transport
Population studies
Public Health
Recording individuals’ memories
Religion and church history
River Leven
Sport and leisure
Tom Kirby newspaper files
Village Development

Presentations - to be agreed

Dan O'Sullivan introducing 2008 Presentations

Short Extract of a trial run of a talk about Great Ayton sewerage

Extract from Alan Bunn's talk on source material

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