Add a Picasa Gallery

This is a Picasa Gallery - I have used these extensively in the Great Ayton Shops, Pubs & Restaurants website:

The steps to create a Picasa Gallery are as follows:

  • Create yourself a Google account at
  • Choose Mail
  • Choose Sign up for Google Mail (you do not need to use this mailbox - I have a Google mail account and a Hotmail account)
  • Once you have created your account then login to Google
  • You will be logged into your mail account
  • On the top line you will see Mail Calendar Documents Photos Reader Web More
  • Choose Photos
  • Hit Upload
  • And Choose Create a New Album
  • Now add Photographs to the album
  • Once you have an album created double click on the album and all the photographs will be shown
  • Click on Link to this album
  • Click on Embed Slideshow
  • Choose the Slideshow size and whether you want it to Autoplay
  • Paint then Copy all the embed text
  • Login to Wikidot, go to the right page, hit Edit, find the location where you want to embed
  • Type [[embedvideo]]
  • Paste the Picasa text
  • You will find a command [[/embedvideo]] has been added
  • Save the page

If this does work then change the code **** to **** in 3 places

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