Royal Oak Instructions

These instructions are to allow the Royal Oak to update their menus on their Restaurant page

There are 3 Word files that should match the 3 Microsoft Publisher files which are normally used for your menus:

  • A_la_Carte_Menu.doc
  • Upstairs_Set_Menu.doc
  • 2_for_10pounds_Menu.doc

These 3 files should be updated first before going into Wikidot

Instructions to upload new files:

1 Enter

2 Login as moc.loa|nahgnanomkereD#moc.loa|nahgnanomkereD & enter password

3 Choose Restaurant / Royal Oak page

4 Go to the bottom of the page where you will see the commands
edit tags history files

5 Hit Files & the list of attached files will appear:

  1. A_la_Carte_Menu.doc
  2. Upstairs_Set_Menu.doc
  3. 2_for_10pounds_Menu.doc
  4. Derek_Jennifer

6 Against each of the first 3 files choose Options and hit Delete

7 Hit Upload new file and browse for each updated file in turn & hit Upload file

8 Check that the links on the page still work

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